Jazz Posse

The sounds of the Jazz Posse will investigate your inner voice and release your inhibition. Angel Luís Figueroa of Herbie Hancock fame and Chris James Scornaienchi of the Chris James Sound work together like roots in earth. Their Jazz Posse will please you, sooth you and ultimately surprise you! What more can be said about this duo and their loyal posse? Read for yourself: 

"This Jazz Posse group just blew me away!" Bennie Maupin of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

"I love the Jazz Posse!" Shawn Rivera of Az Yet

"I love watching Angel Figueroa make faces when he plays" Herbie Hancock

"If you love your jazz with flavor and haunting melodies, then you'll love the Jazz Posse!"  Maxwell

       Jazz Posse band members email browser: https://email.1and1.com/ox6/ox.html